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Lifestyle medicine benefits everyone, regardless of diagnosis, by providing an environment for the body to heal, reducing the need for medication.

TakeTEN is a 10 day residential physician-directed and evidence-based lifestyle medicine program that combines medicine, lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, and health into a personalized lifestyle prescription. Whether you struggle with a chronic disease, a health condition, weight or just want to live a more active lifestyle, we can help.

Lifestyle medicine is a whole-person approach that combines the best of traditional medicine and evidence-based natural remedies.

Your introduction to lifestyle medicine

  • Address core physical needs in order to promote healing and optimal body function
  • Get a personalized take home plan for continued success
  • Learn 10 daily health habits to help your body heal and maintain optimal health

Your solution to a chronic disease, health condition or weight loss

  • Engage in an extensive personal health assessment
  • Treatments include whole-person diabetes care, cardiovascular disease care, osteoarthritis care, cancer care and smoking cessation
  • A natural approach to whole-person diabetes care, cardiovascular disease care, weight loss, osteoarthritis care, cancer care and smoking cessation
  • Monthly connection with the TakeTEN team for long term success

Your action plan for life

  • Obtain a custom lifestyle medicine roadmap for you through our healthy lifestyle education
  • Experience 20 quality hours in individual and group sessions with Dr. James Peters and Dr. Cheryl Thomas Peters. You also get the complete, personal attention of our qualified team of experts
  • Receive a 12-month follow-up plan with monthly contact from our team