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The St. Helena Lifestyle Medicine Institute program has a long history of helping many achieve their health goals. Its programs uniquely combine medicine, lifestyle, fitness and nutrition to be designed around you. Located in the beautiful Napa Valley, the program takes a holistic approach and aims to encourage weight loss and lifestyle change by balancing participants’ physical needs with their social, emotional and spiritual needs.

Gayle Stephens

“I found out I had Type II diabetes but I am not scared. I know how to take care of myself with diet and exercise to keep it under control. This program is life changing. I wish I would have done it 40 years ago.

Holly Harris

“Overall potential to live a healthy lifestyle is possible with change of attitude, habits, and small daily decisions that made large impacts. Focus on the positive process, not just the outcomes”

Adu Worku

“I have learned to be respectful of my body and my mind more than before. I have also gained insights on sustainable lifestyle skills, including diet, exercise and preventative measures in general”

Ashley Dixon

“I can walk again! I’m pain free (sore, but pain free). God and Jesus were the last keys to my recovery-without your spiritual support the therapy and the medical/physical side would not have been so monumental”

Tracy Stillwater

“I knew that I wasn’t caring for myself well, and, in some respects, consciously sabotaging my well-being; but I had no idea in how many ways, and how far-reaching were the consequences! I have learned so much and have been given a wealth of information & resources for ongoing learning and support for change! Dr. Peters is one of the most learned people (and doctors) I know. He’s an excellent lecturer as well; completely knowledgeable re: subject matter, can answer every question – patiently and kindly – and tie everything in with everything else. Even his anecdotes and examples are right on track and easy to understand and remember. He’s never grumpy even, and for a nurse, that’s very much appreciated in a doctor!

The whole staff was absolutely wonderful! Each one made me feel as though they were available to me for anything – anytime – and again, never one impatient word or sour face ever! They each were so very supportive and positive and I really needed that, having support is critical for me in my progress toward a goal; believing that it matters to someone else, not just me, helps me do the right thing.”

Ruby Hain

“My husband and I have been participants in two other lifestyle programs. TakeTEN is truly life changing. Health is a process and the approach to this is so inspiring. I am committed to every day improving on the ten health habits. Good health is priceless, but it is not automatic. It takes work to accomplish the goals, but it’s more than worth it. I appreciated the professionalism and sincere desire on the part of the staff to help you succeed. I will recommend this program to anyone who would benefit from it.”

Chris Reams

“I came to the TakeTEN program for stress reduction and blood pressure issues caused by stress. I also was hoping to achieve a more healthy way of eating. I have to say the food in the program was vegan and knocked my socks off as far as taste and visually exciting! To have 3 wonderful, tasteful meals served to you every day was just lovely. The staff that handled exercise was great and supportive. Dr Peter’ lectures were very informative and upbeat. He also answered any questions you have about your labs that are drawn. All in all it was a great experience and I would highly recommend it – I learned ways to cope with my stress – met awesome people in the program and will definitely apply everything learned and achieved here to my life when I leave.”

Norm Gumpert

“I have been encouraged by the focus of the program, the success I feel and saw the data in only 10 days. My ability to run again, to do interval training, how good vegan food can taste, my determination to change food choices, regular exercise. I understand how TakeTEN can improve my health”

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