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TakeTEN. A Whole Person Approach
to Managing and Treating Heart Disease

Most heart disease results from years of poor habits of living. The good news is you don’t have to be a victim. TakeTEN is a proven way to reverse the cause of heart disease by lowering cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure, excess weight, inflammation, blood sugar and diabetes symptoms.

The TakeTEN program is grounded in science and proven methods for treating and reversing heart disease. Couple that with the principles of ten proven health habits, and your success rates go up dramatically. Not only do we have experience in diagnosing and treating heart disease and complex medical conditions, we also have experience helping people learn how lifestyle can help them get back to a healthy heart once and for all.

How can TakeTEN help you reverse heart disease?

At TakeTEN, you’ll discover the medicine-like effect of nutrition and lifestyle as you implement the ten health habits, reducing your need for medication as you improve your heart health.

TakeTEN Gets to the Root Cause

Treating, or managing, heart disease is a process of getting to the root causes of the disease – cholesterol, triglyceride fats, inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein, as well as high blood pressure. Doing so is different for each person. Our team of lifestyle medicine experts will develop a personalized plan for your road map to long term success using the TakeTEN health habits.

Ten Health Habits

TakeTEN’s ten proven health habits empower you with knowledge so you can make good choices. Choosing foods that give your diet balance – focused on fiber-rich, unrefined carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains – will reduce cholesterol plaque, which lowers your risk factors for heart disease, or worse yet a heart attack. You’ll learn about strength, endurance and flexibility, cardio training, and how and why fitness is more powerful than medicine when it comes to your heart health.

Proven Results

TakeTEN’s program delivers dramatic results. Our program provides the optimal lifestyle plan to allow your heart to heal and function optimally with the least medications, reducing cardiovascular risk factors such as elevated LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, inflammation, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and insulin and excess body weight.

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