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TakeTEN and Weight Loss

Imagine life with more energy, less weight and living with less medications. Is this your dream? For the great majority of our TakeTEN participants, that’s exactly what happens. They’re invigorated and empowered to make good choices that enable them to manage their health with a more natural, whole-person approach, while thriving physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

TakeTEN. A Whole Person Approach to Weight Loss and Managing Your Health

The TakeTen program is grounded in science and evidence-based lifestyle medicine. Not only do we have experience diagnosing and treating complex medical conditions, we also have experience helping people learn how lifestyle can help them get back to good health once and for all.

How can TakeTEN help you improve your health and help you manage your weight?

Getting to the Root Cause
Treating or managing weight loss and your health is a personal journey. Your family history, your daily life, your strengths, your habits and your wellness needs are all unique to you. TakeTEN takes all this into account to create a customized experience and individualized plan that will positively impact your health. You’ll learn to look at foods in a whole new, fresh way. We help you discover a deeper understanding of your thought process and happiness, the influences of positive psychology and the power of relationships with others. Plus, you’ll learn about strength, endurance and flexibility, cardio training, and how and why fitness is more powerful than medicine when it comes to your health.

Ten Health Habits
TakeTEN’s ten proven health habits can transform your life. You’ll learn the healing power behind them and how then can help you prevent, and even reverse chronic disease. Introduced to you throughout the course you’ll be able to master each habit, one habit at a time. The TakeTEN Health habits encompass the treatment plan and the power you need to make long term sustainable health changes.

Proven Results
TakeTEN’s program has proven to help participants lose an average of 10% of their excess body weight or 5.2 lbs. in just ten days. Our program provides the optimal lifestyle plan to allow your body to heal and function optimally with the least medications.

To learn more about TakeTEN’s results in just ten days, click here.

Healthy Tip

Fresh air is key to metabolism and energy.

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